It’s that special period of time that comes around every year that arouses sports fans nationally and I would imagine tickles the fancy of a number of people internationally as well.  The 4 Major Sports are in action!  It’s about a week or two in October that the regular season of the NHL and NBA starts up, the NFL is close to halfway through, and the LCS or in this case the World Series is on for the MLB.  For crazy ass sports junkies this time-frame is over a month long if you want to include NBA/NHL Preseason.

First of all, let me just say, Cleveland wins waaaaaayyyy too much.  Enough Cleveland. Give someone else a shot will you!  The Cavs raised their banner last night and defeated the “Showtime” New York Knicks handedly by a score of 29. (Remember that margin of victory.)  The same night next door, no LITERALLY next door to the Quicken Loans Arena, the Indians opened Game 1 of the World Series with a 6-0 convincing shutout over the 103 win Cubs at Progressive Field.  There were 11 hockey games going on at the same time.  I was watching my home team the Boston Bruins get waxed by the tune of 5 goals to zip.  Going into Week 8 of the NFL many story lines are going on as there usually are at the midpoint through the season including the Patriots with the league’s best record even though the G.O.A.T. had a 4 week vacation.

Recall how much the Cavaliers won by?  Well the 82-0 Golden State Warriors, as I’ve been calling them since Kevin Durant took his talents to the West Coast, LOST… On opening night… At home… by 29 freakin points!  Cavs won by 29.  But it goes deeper than that!!

Follow along: Cavs beat the Knicks 117-88 and the Spurs upset the Warriors 129-100.  Add those 4 numbers and you get 434.  434 was how many days CM Punk was champion in the WWE.  CM Punk is from Chicago.  Cubs are winning the World Series and ending their 108 year title drought.  Still not convinced?  I could have just hit you with this knowledge. You ready?  108 is also the number stitches on every major league baseball.  BOOM! LOCK IT UP!  Sports, numbers, and superstitions. Get used to it! And enjoy.




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