Jamie Collins

PER ADAM SCHEFTER (And confirmed by dozens) Blockbuster deal: Patriots traded LB Jamie Collins to Cleveland for a compensatory third-round pick, sources tell ESPN.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  It’s already terrifying and I have a supreme migraine trying to wrap my mind around this travesty.  Yeah yeah Bill we trust yeah.  No. I’m not buying into that.  Let’s dissect this atom bomb.
First off….. Patriots got shit in return.  The 2nd rounder from the 2013 Draft is the only Pro  Bowl linebacker of that draft class and has the most impact.  No name linebackers like Sio Moore and Zavier Gooden were linebackers taken in the 3rd round of that same draft.  Try to get an athletic explosive player like Jamie Collins in the 3rd round it’s virtually impossible.  Jamie Collins made some mistakes in the AFC championship playoff loss to Denver last year but single handedly kept them in it blitzing the hell out of Peyton Manning in that 2nd Half getting 2 sacks in the process.  Collins is 2nd in interceptions for a linebacker so far this season.  He is arguably the most dynamic player on the whole goddamn Patriots team next to Gronk.  A 3rd round compensatory pick!?!!?!
Here’s the one that throws me into the deep end…. The New England Patriots would have received a 3rd round compensatory pick for 2018 if Jamie Collins finished this season with the Pats and left to go elsewhere in free agency.  LET ME REPEAT THAT!  The Patriots would have received the same damn pick essentially in the same spot of the draft if they didn’t make the trade and tried to win with Collins this year!  Yes the pick would be for 2 years from now instead of the 2017 pick received by the Browns in the trade but how does a 3rd rounder a year earlier help the team now.  Answer obviously, it doesn’t.  If they weren’t going to pay Collins “Von Miller money” as Adam Schefter also tweeted, keep him and get the ’18 pick or at least for God’s sake get something at least fair in return!!  The Browns CB Joe Haden for Jamie Collins in a straight up 1 for 1 deal would have been fine with me.

Joe Thomas, Jamie Collins
Yes Tom Brady was a compensatory pick.  He’s 1 in a quadrillion.  To be fair Mike Vrabel was also a 3rd round compensatory pick and was a very successful and contributing member during the Patriots dynasty years and more, but currently this trade makes zero sense.  Impossible that Jamie Collins off the team makes the Patriots defense better.  Very possible this was the worst trade in the Bill Belichick era, but if Jamie Collins admits in a couple years that his body is breaking down like Darrelle Revis said a few days back then I will circle back and admit I was wrong but this is JC’s 4th year; he’s just beginning.  With  Chandler Jones gone and Collins gone, the Patriots better re-sign Hightower and Butler though or so help me.
It feels like I’m at the club and inside the f’n woofer, like how did I get in here?  My head hurts I want to get out and understand why I’m here!




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