The NFL is Shot and Bleeding Profusely

With a jam packed Sunday night of action of live TV whether you were watching the World Series, Sunday Night Football, The Walking Dead, WWE Hell in a Cell or re-runs of Seinfeld, whatever it was the NFL had some healthy competition Sunday night and THE STATS ARE IN!

According to Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Daily, Game 5 of The World Series between the Chicago Cubs (elimination game) and Cleveland Indians posted a booming 15.3 overnight rating, beating a competitive, FINALLY, Sunday Night Football matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. The Sunday night NFL game drew an 11.6 rating. That is a HUGE discrepancy! According to Sports Media Watch, it’s the first time since 2011 the World Series beat Sunday Night Football in the ratings.

The NFL has been America’s game for all of this early 21st century and likely a few years into the 90’s and its no surprise NFL ratings have taken a dip like its Black Monday.  They are still making money hand over fist so don’t feel bad for anyone getting a pay cut from $20 million to $19 million or anything unearthly like that but it has shown the NFL is mortal and not just mortal but needs some gauze to patch up the wounds of the lack of viewership this 2016 Season.
Many theories to suggest the ratings drop include player protest, too many penalties, and unfortunately poor quality on the field during prime time games particularly (Thursday, Sunday and Monday night). Whatever it might be pinpointed to, there is clearly a decrease especially when the Cowboys (so called America’s team) led a comeback to win a dramatic game in Overtime against the Eagles. Instead, more of the country decided to turn into a baseball game to watch 2 teams that love to lose and have a combined 174 years of championship drought not including this year of course.
We knew ratings were hurting for the NFL at the beginning of the year and the World Series was going to be the big test to matchup with football.  This year, MLB got the upset win and the NFL looks like they will be upset here on out unless something is changed. What’s the problem and what’s the solution?  Like I said before the office and the owners are making enough money to wipe with Benjamins but if TV deals start backing out in the coming years, the NFL will have some questions to answer.

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