Everyone Knows Throwing at the 1 Is Cool!


It wasn’t on the grandest stages of them all but 21 months later the tables are turned on the Patriots where Brady, Belichick, and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels are questioned to why they didn’t run it [again] at the 1 yard line.  A little side note before we get started, if that Sunday Night Football game doesn’t get the ratings back up I’m not sure what will.  An incredible game between the Seahawks and the Patriots that are just competitive as ever when these two powerhouses meet up.  The game itself can be dissected for days and days but the goal line final possession that was eerily similar in Super Bowl XLIX when these 2 teams last met is the talking point here.

This Week 10 game of 2016 marked the first time Tom Brady did not throw a touchdown in a regular season game, at home, that he played in from start to finish, since 2007 (ironically his best season ever).  But don’t get it twisted he wasn’t bad at all; although Brady did throw the team’s first interception of the season [it’s Week 10 btw and it was the 1st INT] he played relatively well against a formidable pass defense completing 71.8% of his passes and throwing a Stone Cold (316 yards).  The reason Brady didn’t tally a TD to add to his 12 in 4 games is because BLOUNT Force Trauma LaGarrette Blount had 3 of his own on the ground.  TB12 did however have a chance to keep that streak of TDs going with the final offensive play for the Pats, a fade pass to Gronk who was matched 1-on-1 with Kam Chancellor one of the two hard hitting and very talented safeties for Seattle.

1st and Goal from the 2 – Under a minute left, down by 7, and after a great throw and even better catch from Brady to Gronk (which put the GOAT over 300 yards passing in a game for the 75th time in his HOF career), Brady QB sneaks and gains a yard…  Ok, I didn’t like that call in the first place and my dislike was confirmed when the QB said after the game the design there was to run some clock.  Look I understand anything can happen in football with little to no time on the clock but when its hard to score in general you take every advantage of doing it even if you don’t have faith in your defense who was atrocious and has been in the holiday spirit giving the opposing offense hundreds of yards all season long.

2nd and Goal from the 1 – Blount hand off up the middle tries to hurdle the pile like he’s done throughout his career only to be stopped a hair short of the white line…  Only play I liked and should have been attempted 4 times if it came down to it.  LG was beastly, even if it was a mediocre 3.3 yards per carry, that muscling 1 yard touchdown he had late in the 2nd Quarter earned him all the goal line touches this game.

3rd and Goal from inside the 1 – Brady fumbles the snap and recovers at the 2 losing a yard….. F ING FUMBLES at the 1 yard line!  Brady also in the post game presser said the center David Andrews thought the 2nd attempted sneak in 3 plays was designed to go straight ahead and TB12 said it was going between the left guard and center.  So a subtle blame your center for the fumble instead of we need to execute better was mentioned post game.  Terrible that miscommunication cannot happen there!




4th and Goal from the 1 – AFTER a foolish 12 men on the field penalty for Seattle the Patriots move from the 2 back to the 1 and at this point I’m still not nervous… In case you haven’t guessed I’m a Pats fan… Give it to LG LaGarrette Blount again I would have figured off tackle because he had success with that all night but even over the top again like 2nd down I would have been fine with.  Yes he’s Tom Brady the greatest of all time but I like the running back that has led the league in yards after contact since 2010 in Blount to punch it in on his 2nd attempt.  No… split Gronk out wide to go 1-on-1 with Chancellor which albeit Gronk against anyone 1-on-1 is a mismatch and my money is on the part Polish freak but the throw wasn’t great, Gronk initiated contact first which I couldn’t be mad about when Kam held on to Gronk a little and there was no penalty in the end zone.  I would have lived with Blount getting stuffed again when he was balls in the red zone on Sunday night but I don’t like that play call at all.

Many many things happened in this game which as I said at the beginning could turn this into a conversation about the defense or ball security which definitely deserves blame but the story here is those multiple months of chastising Pete Carroll for throwing it in the Super Bowl reared its ugly head and was plastered on the other team, the New England team in the regular season rematch.

Only fitting that these two teams will meet again in Super Bowl LI right?


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