Divisional Round Dissection

Are you not entertained?! Well after that Wild Card weekend probably not, but we have whittled away the lesser opponents and the Divisional Playoffs will host the top 4 seeds in both conferences after all Home victories last week. 

And wow do we have some intriguing matchups! I will get to all 4 games in great detail and share some wild stats that might sway the opinion towards one team over the other. The first game to obviously start with and analyze down to the bone is the Patriots hosting the Texans………

…..Ok let’s move on to the next game.

Seriously though I can’t legitimately try to make the case that this AFC Divisonal match up in Foxboro will be an interesting game if I was being waterboarded.  Absolutely everything goes in the Patriots favor including but not limited to….. home field, cold weather, QB, coach, receivers, offensive line, head-to-head history, turnover ratio, etc.  You give all that to Tom Brady and his offense, that spells disaster for any opponent. There’s a case to make the Texans have the better defense, (they do have the #1 defense in yards allowed after all) but on the other side the ineptitude on offense has Houston leaving a sick feeling in NFL fans stomachs who enjoy competent offenses and consequently the Patriots have a league leading 15.6 points allowed per game defensively and the most out of any D in the past 4 seasons.  I wonder who wins???

I wanted to get that one off my chest first but the opening game to kick of Divisional round has the Falcons hosting the Seahawks.  This game has the potential to go in any direction at all and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.  The first NFC Divisional game could be a close game or a blowout to either team.  A Week 6 hard fought battle between these teams in Seattle ended in controversy with a pass interference that was not called in favor of Richard Sherman over Julio Jones.  Earl Thomas, one of the leaders of the Seahawks defense, has missed the last 5 games and in that time Seattle has not forced an interception. Also, Matt Ryan (2016 MVP) is only 1-4 in the playoffs, HOWEVER his only postseason win is against….. the Seahawks. First time since 2012 the Falcons are back in the playoffs; Seattle has all the experience heading into this match up.  After Thomas Rawls set a franchise postseason single game record in rush yards against Detroit I can only imagine he’ll have success against Atlanta as well.  As for the Falcons run game, the Cerberus dirty birds are probably the best running back combo in the game right now in Freeman and Coleman. Should be an entertaining and unpredictable game.

Moving to Kansas City where the Chiefs were supposed to take on Pittsburgh in the early afternoon but due to the wrath of Hydros the Ice Titan the NFL has postponed that game to later that night Sunday.  I’m all for watching football from the comfort of my living room with ice balls falling from the sky but that would mean a large amount of fans not showing up and no 137 decibels of dynamite noise at Arrowhead Stadium.  I’m looking forward to this game more than any other. After a Week 4 beat down at the hands of the Steelers, KC will look to avenge that embarrassing defeat who have won 23 of their last 28 games.  The killer B’s are a ballin combination in Big Ben, Bell and Brown for Pitt who are on a 8 game win streak of their own. Defense might be an urban legend in this one.

Finally, the catch/not a catch/ what is a catch rematch. The Cowboys will host the Packers in Jerry’s world with 2 rookies leading the way at QB and RB who have taken the league by storm thanks to their outstanding offensive line.  You probably didn’t know this nugget right here… the Cowboys have the BEST run defense.  Now that might not mean much against a Green Bay team that would rather throw Hail Marys (Maries, Mary’s, whatever) than run the ball, but making Aaron Rodgers one-dimensional will be huge for Dallas even if he’s arguably the best improvisational QB in the game in making something out of nothing.  Packers are on a hot 7 game win streak and will need to score a lot, which they can, because Dallas will too.

Wide receiver Dez Bryant will look to grasp a win in his hands for Dallas…You see what I did there didn’t you…  

Patriots 38  Texans 17

Seahawks 24 Falcons 20

Chiefs 30 Steelers 27

Packers 35 Cowboys 31


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