The Super Bowl That Did NOT Happen 

I know I’m late to the party but are you mother flipping kidding me?  No seriously.  That didn’t happen.  There is no way that actually happened.  I am convinced more than ever we are all living in an alternate universe now.  There’s the Berenstein Bears (yes it’s STEIN, what anyone else says is invalid) and now Super Bowl 51 or Super Bowl LI.  There’s the clue right there! LI, LI(e) it’s a lie.  The the Berenstein’s had something to do with it.  I don’t care if this is 7 days old news.  The Patriots did the absolute impossible and it will never go unnoticed for all of eternity in this parallel universe we are living in.

I hope you had fun on universe A let’s call it because there is no doubt we are somewhere else right now.  Back on A the Falcons are champions for the first time ever, congratulations they took it to the Pats, MVP Matt Ryan utilized his weapons and played very well.  The run game was beastly fast and Devonta Freeman looked like Barry Sanders.  That defense was extremely impressive, Grady Jarrett became a star getting 3 sacks on Brady and the flopper Robert Alford picked off TB12 and took it to the house.  Falcons went up 28-3 in the middle of the 3rd Quarter and it was all over but the confetti.  They lined up the Falcons championship shirts and hats in stores around the country and kudos to the retailers getting a head start on that because it was D-U-N Done!


But there is no way… and I mean no-way

it is logical to sit there and tell me… that the Patriots (and listen to this) are only the 7th team EVER in over 2,600 games, that’s TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED, to win a game after being down 25 points…. The only difference from the 6 other teams that accomplished that feat is they all mounted their comeback virtually at the start of the 2nd Half.  The Patriots were down by 4 scores with less than 3 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter.  ALSO, they did that shit in the goddamn SUPER BOWL!  You must think I’m a dummy if you be telling my this shite.

The Mason Sousa back on the universe I thought I’d call home for life is writing something like this… I’m stoked beyond all heaven and hell because my team has won more championships in the 21st century than ANY other professional franchise. Not only that but Tom Brady and Bill Belichick only solidified themselves as the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.  Even though they proved themselves as the GOATs 2 years ago, they cemented it with the Greatest Super Bowl comeback ever.  Man, I knew they were good, I knew they were great, in fact I knew they were the best team in the league this season and have been the best team by a longshot consistently the past decade and a half….. But I guess when you unjustly take away the greatest QB ever for 4 games to start the season. The greatest ever comes back and is greater than can be measured in any scientific fashion ever and will never be replicated.  How fitting after the the commish decides he can be drunk with power and hand down the most ridiculous ruling in sports; the Patriots then bookend the past 2 seasons with championships including the greatest, most improbable, insurmountable title win you will ever see!

…… Of course that’s naive Universe A Mason.  The guy that caught on to this interuniversal travel is telling you we are in a different land folks.  Open your eyes. The impossible doesn’t just happen like that.  Once I find out how to get back to reality I’ll let you know but for the time being if you want to believe what the hell happened on Sunday February 5, 2017 then nothing and I mean nothing will ever EEEEEEEVVVVVEEEERRRRR top that… againe.

5 Time Champs Booker T.  Roger that! 👍🏽
Sidenote: TB12 vs Y2J at Mania GOAT vs. GOAT with Daniel Bryan as special guest ref


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