Manipulating People Through Social Media is The Newest Craze

….And it’s not going anywhere.  I mean who doesn’t love watching the world go mad around them when they can sit back in their luxurious position of power and have front row seats to great real life drama that you create so effortlessly.  I mean I would enjoy that to no end, only thing is you’d probably only have 1 crack at it a year or you are the important figure who cried wolf.

It’s at least like this on a pair of New England sports teams as of late.  A couple weeks ago Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas tweeted out eyes. 

Yes 👀. That’s it.  Harmless right?  Not when it’s few short days of the NBA Trade Deadline and the C’s were looking to snag a superstar.  AND to tie it together the last time the impressive leader of the green team tweeted a pair of optics, the team officially signed Al Horford a couple hours later in their biggest free agent signing in decades.  Nothing came from Isaiah’s social media retinas this past February except the sending of many fans around the NBA and media outlets who cover Boston sports in a tizzy.  The speculation ran wild ‘WHAT DO THESE EYES MEAN? 👀’ We got Jimmy Butler! ‘We got Paul George’ It went on for a couple days until IT needed to clear the air  and say he was watching a TV show and didn’t mean to rile up the world…. TOTAL BS. The Celtics had a trade and it fell through the last minute is my guess.  Anyway.


Likely the most coveted Quarterback in the NFL that several teams and General Managers would love to have start for their team now and including his own team in the near future, Jimmy Garoppolo who played the first 5 and a half quarters because of an unjustly suspended Tom Brady, fancied himself on twisting New England and NFLs’ fans heads on Instagram Friday night. With this post:

✌🏼 The Family (in English).  Emoji not need any translation for PEACE OUT???  What does it mean?  He’s leaving? He’s been traded! Damn emojis and social media is ruining my life!!  In 2020 social media is how everyone will communicate. No one will speak with their own mouths anymore and we’ll all be keyboard warriors and tough guys. And emojis. LOTS AND LOTS of emojis.

This is just awesome to me.  If news is circulating around an individual in a position of power particularly in sports just throw an emoji out there on social media.  Maybe the next one from Tom Brady that just says 🚽 ………WHAT DOES IT MEAN? This place is shit! He’s out of New a England he hates it here! 

Whatever is next it will be fire and plunge the people that are interested into mass hysteria……. 

Or maybe we all lay off the social media a little bit huh?


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