The Patriots Just Keep Winning at the Highest Level Possible

Damn that sucks.  Thanks for the amazing memories Malcolm Butler.  The Super Bowl hero with the greatest play ever in the biggest game proved not only that he wasn’t just a flash in the pan or that he wasn’t just at the right place at the right time, he proved to be a top tier cornerback in the entire NFL in his two full seasons as the Patriots shutdown corner.  But alas the Patriots decided to trade him for Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks……
Wait….. The Patriots didn’t trade Malcolm Butler?  They still got Brandin Cooks though???  WHAT?!
Are you kidding??  The Patriots are still winning in glorious fashion even after the greatest game ever!  Trader Belichick and the Patriots traded their 32nd overall pick and a 3rd Round pick for Brandin Cooks with no Malcolm Butler involved!!!  AND the team that keeps winning got a 4th rounder to go along with Cooks.  Bill Belichick you dog!  Continuing to prove that he’s the greatest of all time by straight up fleecing his boy Sean Payton and the Saints by taking a very young but very well proven wide receiver that can FLY and is up their with legends for most receiving yards by the age of 23.

            2007                                                  2017

Randy Moss                          Brandin Cooks

Wes Welker                          Julian Edelman

Ben Watson                          Rob Gronkowski

The similarity is this guy ⇓


…not bad
Screw it I’m gonna say it, if you have a problem with it, that’s your problem.

19 AND F’N 0!!!!!!

If the Patriots can hold on to Malcolm Butler for one more year, I am very confident in making that statement!  Pair him with Stephon Gilmore in the secondary and now arguably the GREATEST receiving core the greatest ever Tom Brady has ever had at his disposal. Hold on to your pants Gronk and stay healthy buddy, a decade later the Patriots might have a do-over and grab the most illustrious record in sports.  19-0 BABY!  Only then will I gladly where a pinata over my junk.

Gronk naked


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